Last Sunday, my good friend Xavier Aaronson, the babe spotting internet guru behind the amazing site, Babes at the Museum, did a post about me at New York’s American Museum of Natural History in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. I went to the museum with my friend Sam Deitch, who took these lovely photos of me looking wildly out of place in a bright space filled with small children, for the site. We used the fabulous post to promote for our show last Wednesday, which I’ll write a recap of as soon as I gather some decent content for it!

See the post HERE!

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Since moving to our new place in Greenpoint, we’ve been trying endlessly to turn our house into some semblance of a ‘home’. The main thing we really needed until now was a dining table. Somehow these things are less affordable than an ikea bedroom set. The one I really wanted was some $350 extendable dinner party shit, but when I mentioned it for reason at a bar with some friends, Ben, being a carpenter by trade and also a really nice guy, offered to build us one for a fraction of the cost. So the day (Saturday) finally came to do the damn thing, I picked him up at 10am, we made a run to a lumber warehouse and Home Depot, and the man built this incredible table in 6 hours right in our living room.

It’s exactly what I’d hoped for–a gorgeous, sturdy as hell, raw wood table that seats up to 9(?) people, and best of all, a thing that will last decades longer than any overpriced build it yourself ish I could purchase in Red Hook. Ben is a talented man, and even more amazing, this was apparently his first time building a table! I would recommend him very highly, so if you’re looking to have some custom piece of furniture built and you live in New York, please contact me– I know this guy.

photo 3

Ben, carpentry guru, pictured right, Tyler, who helped sand and maintain morale, pictured left.



Motion Studies started as a Tyler McCauley‘s bedroom disco project. I went to almost all of his early shows when he was still performing as a solo act at small venues around New York. In 2013 he signed with Brooklyn label, Godmode. Later that year, after releasing two debut singles on Godmode – Matter of Time & Even If - the physical project manifested into an 8-piece ensemble, performing for the first time at Silent Barn in December. Since then, Tyler has balanced his energy between writing Motion Studies and producing work for our collaborative side project, Soft Lit (which made its official 2-single debut this past February on Godmode via Fader).

MS 1

Adam, Matt, Mike, Matt, Joe, Tim, and Tyler post-practice on Sunday.

In anticipation of Motion Studies’ third show, happening tomorrow, April 9 at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right, Tyler wrote, recorded, and released this brand new track in one month.

The track is called ‘Distractions’ and Impose wrote a piece about it that totally rules. Listen to it here & come to the show. I’ll be there, I’ll be the singing disco ornament.

If there is a “proprietary of woman,” it is paradoxically her capacity to depropriate unselfishly: body without end, without appendage, without principal “parts.”  If she is a whole, it’s a whole composed of parts that are wholes, not simple partial objects but a moving, limitlessly changing ensemble, a cosmos tirelessly traversed by Eros, an immense astral space not organized around any one sun that’s any more of a star than the others.

Hélène Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa, 889


The most right.



I have finally ‘finished’ updating the most ‘complete’ version of my portfolio to date. I spent the last month compiling, organizing, and shooting the work that appears HERE, and will continue to add new work regularly, while adding various series and collections from my archive. Please come to me with any and all feedback, criticisms, complaints, etc.*


See my work here.

* Also contact me if I have photos of you or that I have shot for you that you would like to see or have sent to you. I am now in a position to handle those kinds of requests, so if you want work, tell me now!



Shamir is my label mate and future best friend. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet but I think he and his music are fantastic and it’s very exciting to see the Internet clearly agrees. This is his new video, released yesterday on Godmode, for his track ‘If It Wasn’t True’. The track was originally released last month on Godmode’s February mixtape ‘COMMON INTERESTS WERE NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP US TOGETHER’.




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