Adam Moerder, soon-to-be better known as his stage name – Fitness, is a very talented guy. I first met him in late 2013 when we came together, with at least 6 other people, to become the live manifestation of Brooklyn dance band, Motion Studies. I knew him then only as our guitarist and the power-man vocalist from the late Mr. Dream.

Now, I know and have seen (and once in France, performed with) him as his two newest projects: Montreal Sex Machine and Fitness. The two projects couldn’t be more different. Actually they could. They are both insanely great though, and of course share at least two notable similarities – Adam’s incredibly versatile vocals, and an impressively varied [and project-approriate] structural sensibility.

Last month, probably after seeing some of the photos I shot of his live sets on our December Euro tour (or not, I don’t know), he asked me if I’d like to shoot photos for Fitness. It should be known that I love no photographic project more than one that involves 1. a fun human, and 2. taking images of that human that are representative of their creative thing, whatever it may be. Fitness is clearly both those things, so I was thrilled to take the job.

The photos were taken on a Wednesday night in early February at a warehouse space in Brooklyn. Although I had bought a disposable in hopes of taking some sassy candids outside in my car, we kept it digital, and shot everything on my 5D mark ii. These are just 3 selects from a some 450 images. Conveniently, just one day before I delivered the images, Adam [via Godmode via Stereogum] released, in video form, the first Fitness single of 2015, the entirety of which can be seen below.

Fitness’ debut EP is out early 2015 on Godmode.

IMG_6981_web IMG_7090_web_2


Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Rennes, Paris. December 1-10.


Soft Lit is the name we gave to the collaborative effort behind the two songs we created together last summer. At that time, it was really just a situation where Tyler had written two songs – pop songs – that he eventually asked me to sing. So I did. We would later be invited by Godmode to release these two songs, which we did, earlier this year. Now, nearing the end of the year and the end of production of our next release, it is time to start slowly occupying cyberspace.


1. Though this isn’t ‘new’ new, I made us a website. It is my first experience using tumblr. I thought it advantageous to go this route for reasons I believe in but do not yet fully understand (being that I don’t ‘get’ or engage tumblr). I think it will all be okay in the end.

2. Of course, as you probably already know, we have a twitter also. It’s an exciting time, and we are regularly mentioned by up and coming disco prodigy, Shamir.

3. Along with several other accounts that represent various iterations of my identity, I have created an Ello account.

softlit_2 softlit_3

There isn’t much more to say about what the future holds for Soft Lit — which is not to say that the future doesn’t for sure hold some special things for Soft Lit — it [probably] does. I just can’t share them with you yet.


So in the meantime, you can continue to show your support by listening to our two songs over and over again here.

softlit_4 softlit_6

Soft Lit will also be playing a show this Saturday at Silent Barn. Details Below:


Soft Lit
Magic Window DJs

$6/10PM/FFTF (free food to follow)


I hope to see you there. This will be our third show.

We went to Portland last month. I shot more than one roll of 35mm film during my visit, but it turns out, this one is mostly photos of Tyler.




I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m a professional photographer (I know, I know- everyone is), but when I decided to get my degree in photo, I didn’t know that. Regardless, I’ve managed to create a fairly successful career in photo since moving to New York in 2011. Now that I am performing as a musician again however, I find I want nothing more than someone to come photograph my bands’ shows, and this task has proven to be one of the most difficult and disappointing things ever. I don’t know if it’s just that all the photographers (actually very close friends and colleagues) don’t actually care about me or what I am doing, or if they are just shitty people, but I have not been able to get a single photog to one of my band’s, like, 8 shows this past 7 months. At our last Baby’s show, I just brought my camera and shoved it into the hands of one of our most dedicated showgoers, Josh (who actually took some amazing photos and I was eternally grateful to him), and it worked, but it felt desperate and sad on my part for not being cool enough for someone to commit to coming (even when they said they would ‘for sure’ come).

Anyway, I’m done sadding out. Now that we’re playing more ‘sponsored’ events and bigger parties, people are starting to shoot us anyway. And Ive stopped asking people to come shoot. Here are two very cool videos that someone show of Motion Studies last Saturday at Cameo Gallery. The first video is Matter of Time and the second is Distractions- both songs are available online.


Courtship Ritual officially released their brand new full length album this week. They also were named Album of The Week by Stereogum. In my opinion, Courtship Ritual is one of the most promising bands in Brooklyn. I’m not just saying that because they are my friends and I love them, or that they are probably the band that my band(s) have performed with the most. They really are incredible, on and off stage, and this new record is a total gift. I also find this new record very sexy, which I guess is not terribly surprising, given that Jared and Monica are actually a couple (irl). This fact could, but might not always, be taken into consideration. Making music it with your babe adds a whole other layer of intensity that can be extremely compelling, but also v overwhelming (at least that’s been my experience), but when it works, the result is only that much more effective, and in this case, totally passionate. Of course, the reason this record is good isn’t [just] because they’re a [power] couple– it’s because they are very good and have worked very hard.


Monica with belly dancers, Baby’s All Right, Saturday July 12, shot by me originally for Impose

Courtship has been a serious inspiration, especially over the last few months since I’ve been able to call them friends (and label-mates). Their music is so good, new, and different, and Pith is everything I’d hoped it would be. There really aren’t a lot of things better than seeing people you care about do things that show other people why they should care about them too.


PITH is also available on iTunes HERE.



More photos from their last show at Baby’s All Right 7/12/14

courtship_1 courtship_2 courtship_3

Original IMPOSE photo set HERE.